How Dilhari has helped organizations

Throughout her career, Dilhari has helped organizations to activate wins by aligning and integrating corporate sustainability/ESG and social impact into business strategy, operations, programs, metrics and reporting, and communications.  She has supported companies in managing change, navigating polarizing issues, and keeping pace with new regulations, shareholder pressures, and consumer perceptions. Looking at ESG as a component of wider business objectives, she has consistently developed win-win strategies, identified opportunities, unlocked value, facilitated informed decisions, and empowered organizations to reap the full value of environmental, economic, and social initiatives.

Areas of expertise


  • Sustainability roadmaps 
  • Climate change strategy and target setting 
  • Biodiversity and nature-based solutions 
  • GHG inventory and footprint reduction plans 
  • Materiality assessments 
  • Establishing ESG goals and KPIs 
  • ESG & enterprise risk management 
  • Energy management
  • Sustainable event planning to minimize waste and carbon footprints


  • Navigating polarizing issues
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Community and stakeholder engagement 
  • Accessibility and disability inclusion 
  • Community outreach 
  • Social licence 
  • Philanthropy programs


  • Procurement and supply chain assessments 
  • ESG-related issues management
  • Safeguarding and strengthening reputations
  • ESG messaging 
  • C-Suite and Board training 
  • Governance structure reviews 
  • Transparency, ratings and rankings 
  • ESG integration into corporate agendas and internal policies 
  • Sustainability reporting


  • Enhanced customer & stakeholder engagement and alignment 
  • Proactive risk management 
  • Top line revenue growth
  • Cost savings 
  • Employee engagement, attraction, and retention 
  • Improved compliance 
  • Reputation management
  • Value creation for shareholders & stakeholders 
  • Enhanced partnering 
  • Communications integrity 
  • Value-add reporting and aligned disclosures
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