Amplifying sustainable impact

On boards and in her management roles, Dilhari helps to drive business transformation through ESG and corporate sustainability

Dilhari has helped organizations to differentiate themselves by driving business transformation through ESG and corporate sustainability. Developing ESG strategies and facilitating their transition into operations, programs, and communications, she is passionate about balancing business objectives, financial performance, and social and planetary impacts to realize win-win scenarios.

Propelling business strategy

“When you holistically apply an ESG lens to your business strategy, you have an opportunity to drive maximum value for shareholders, stakeholders, and the communities you serve. It all starts with wanting to do the right thing. With an aligned ESG strategy, those good intentions can translate to better business outcomes.”


Dilhari has empowered organizations by

Aligning sustainability with business strategy

ESG strategies firmly grounded in business and financial realities. Identifying opportunities, impacts, issues, and silver linings. Activating wins and accelerating business. Creating differentiators and maximum business value end-to-end.

Executing, integrating, and transforming

Translating sustainable intentions into advantageous programs. Transforming operations by adopting ESG best practices. Embedding ESG into corporate agendas and governance.

Climate proofing operations and investments

Developing comprehensive climate strategies that deliver value and impact. Identifying and managing climate risks and opportunities. Setting climate targets and charting transition pathways and best practices to achieve climate goals.

Optimizing ESG and sustainability reporting

Aligning with globally accepted reporting frameworks. Reviewing and validating data. Preparing corporate sustainability reports and disclosures.

Strengthening ESG communications

Translating complex ESG messages into plain language. Promoting sustainable initiatives in the right ways to the right audiences. Navigating polarizing issues. Guarding against greenwashing. Safeguarding and enhancing reputations. Quarterbacking ESG-related issues management.

Sharing knowledge

Partnering with C-suites and boards to develop and deliver ESG workshops and training materials. Working with post-secondary institutions to create programs and course content. Planning sustainable and net-zero aligned corporate events to minimize waste and carbon footprints.

The Sitka Group

A boutique consultancy founded by Dilhari in 2023, the Sitka Group has helped financial sector organizations, operating companies, not-for-profits, and academia to integrate sustainability into their bigger business pictures in ways that make sense, add value, align with purpose, and achieve goals.

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